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Quality Shrinkage and Warpage Analysis, Multicomponent Molding, and More

Shrinkage and Warpage Analysis

EPS FloTek, LLC provides comprehensive shrinkage and warpage analysis involving the following:

  • Examining the Final Result of the Combined Conditions Created from the Filling, Packing, and Cooling Stages of the Plastic Manufacturing Process
  • Identifying the Exact Shrinkage in X, Y, and Z
  • Assessing Shrinkage Due to Cooling Only
  • Assessing Shrinkage Due to Gate Location, Part Design, and Processing Only
  • Creating an Exact Mold Shrinkage Design
  • Reducing Stress Concentration
  • Identifying Residual Stresses
  • Reversing Engineer Mold Shrinkage
  • Identifying Part Response Under Service Conditions
Shrinkage and Warpage Analysis
Fiber Orientation Analysis

Fiber Orientation Analysis (Short and Long)

Our fiber orientation analysis uses different percentages and lengths of glass fiber to identify the shrinkage and warpage conditions of a molded plastic part. This service also involves the following:

  • Identifying the Degree of Orientation on the Surface and in the Center of the Plastic Part
  • Assessing Total Warpage Due to Fiber Direction
  • Calculating Short or Long Fibers
  • Exporting Anisotropic Results to Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Exporting Anisotropic Thermomechanical Properties to FEA
  • Improving Dimensional Stability

Multicomponent Molding

We provide multicomponent molding services involving the following:

  • Adding Metal or Plastic Part Inserts
  • Identifying Thermal Results of the First and/or Second Shot of Plastic Material
  • Adding Mold Component Inserts
  • Identifying Thermal Tool Insert Results
  • Reducing the Cycle Using Highly Conductive Mold Metals
  • Identifying the Displacement of Terminals
  • Identifying the Differences of Hot or Cold Inserts
  • Performing Two-Shot Plastic Injection Molding and Overmolding

Advance Hot Runner

EPS FloTek, LLC’s full hot runner manifold modeling process uses conductive and non-conductive materials for the following:

  • Identifying Hot or Cold Spots
  • Identifying Excessive Shear Heat That Can Imbalance Flow
  • Optimizing Channel Design
  • Optimizing Heater Design
  • Reducing Cycle Time
  • Improving Energy Efficiency
  • Improving Part Quality
Advance Hot Runner Chart
Gas Assist and Water Assist

Gas Assist and Water Assist

Our team helps expand your part design requirements by performing 3D gas and water assist injection molding simulations. This service also involves the following:

  • Optimizing Process Conditions
  • Identifying Potential “Blow Out”
  • Identifying Skin Ratio
  • Improving Cycle Time
  • Reducing Stress and Warping
  • Eliminating Sink Marks and Voids
  • Minimizing Material Usage
  • Reducing Part Weight
  • Increasing Part Strength
  • Adding Overflow Tabs

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