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Cool / Warp
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Cool / Warp

Our Cool and Warp Analysis Products

Cool Analysis

This is an efficient tool based on true 3D technology that analyzes the following aspects of the design phase:

  • Mold Temperature
  • Cooling Channel Layout Efficiency
  • Required Cooling Time

Cool is also a troubleshooting tool that detects possible mold cooling system defects, such as:

  • Unbalanced Cooling
  • Hot Spots
  • Prolonged Cooling Time Due to Poor Cooling Efficiency

In addition, it can accurately evaluate cooling efficiency to optimize your cooling system design and reduce cycle time.

Moldex3D Warp

Warp Analysis

This software product lets you perform true 3D warpage analysis on thick plastic parts and parts that have extreme thickness changes. It does this based on the filling, packing, and cooling analyses conducted by the Flow, Pack, and Cool products.

Warp helps improve the quality of your plastic parts while optimizing their design. It also predicts the anisotropic shrinkage and warpage of fiber-filled material by incorporating fiber composite theories and the fiber orientation results from Fiber. In addition, it links to I2 modules to interface with structural analysis software.

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