Injection Compression

Moldex3D Injection Compression helps users accurately simulate the injection compression molding process, generally applied to thin and flat products, such as light guide plates or CD disks. The effects of key process conditions, including delay time and compression gap, on cavity pressure and volume shrinkage distributions can be simulated and visualized.

Moldex3D Injection Compression visualizes compression behaviors in the filling or packing phases. By using the built-in control interface, the plastic melt is injected sequentially or simultaneously in the molding compression phase. It enables users to adjust different compression conditions to meet real processing parameters. Its analyses of pressure and volumetric shrinkage performance also help users evaluate appropriate molding material and processing conditions for better manufacturability.


Moldex3D Injection Compression enables you to:

  • Reduce injection pressure, molecular orientation and warpage
  • Distribute uniform pressure and volumetric shrinkage
  • Avoid overpacking and material shear
  • Improve venting and degree of reproduction
  • Reduce cycle time


  • Provide complete injection compression molding simulations, including filling, packing, cooling and warpage
  • Enable easy adjustment of key processing conditions, such as compression gap or delay time, in the Process Wizard
  • Enable visualization of the internal physical fields, including velocity vector movements, pressure distribution variation in the cavity, sprue pressure and clamping force feature
  • Support calculation of residual stress
  • Support parallel processing to speed up calculation time