Gas-Assisted Injection Molding

Gas-Assisted Injection MoldingMoldex3D Gas-Assisted Injection Molding (GAIM) visualizes 3D flow behaviors when the gas is injected into the cavity through the melt entrance or specific gas entrances. Typical gas injection molding issues, such as fingering effects, blow-through or corner effect, can be predicted to help users investigate the real production process and increase manufacturability.

Moldex3D GAIM simulates the gas-assisted injection molding process when the gas is injected into the polymer melt through a runner or other designed gas channels. The gas cores out a network of hollow channels throughout the mold cavity and drives the polymer melt to complete the filling process. It visualizes 3D gas penetration behaviors inside the cavity. So, users can evaluate amounts of polymer injected into the cavity and optimize the size and placement of gas channels.


  • Lower filling and packing pressure and clamping tonnage
  • Prevent sink marks and warpage
  • Reduce residual stress
  • Save significant weight
  • Shorten cooling time


  • Support cooling and warpage simulations
  • Provide high mesh resolution for accurate analysis results
  • Enable specifying the gas injected from single or multiple gas entrances or from the melt entrance
  • Allow to step or poly-line control settings of the gas pressure during the molding process
  • Allow to check the filling dynamics with the animation function
  • Support parallel processing to speed up calculation time