FiberMoldex3D Fiber precisely simulates 3D fiber orientation and calculates process-induced anisotropic thermo-mechanical properties for fiber-reinforced plastic parts. With its accurate warpage prediction, users can achieve cost reduction and strength improvement.

Moldex3D Fiber provides accurate and detailed simulations of 3D fiber orientation, which helps users control anisotropic shrinkage for fiber-reinforced parts. Mechanical properties due to fiber orientation can also be visualized and analyzed for warpage prediction.


Moldex3D Fiber enables you to

  • Model fiber length, diameter and concentration in evaluating fiber orientation, shrinkage and warpage
  • Predict 3D fiber orientation and thermo-mechanical property distributions
  • Reduce anisotropic shrinkage of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastics
  • Control part strength of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastics


  • Predict 3D fiber orientation with the Folgar-Tucker model.
  • Predict elastic modulus distributions
  • Predict linear thermal expansion coefficient (CLTE) distributions
  • Composite property calculation based on well-accepted short-fiber reinforced models
  • Output anisotropic thermo-mechanical properties through Moldex3D FEA Interface