EPS FloTek provides a full line of engineering services.  This would include Mold Filling, Packing, Cooling, Shrinkage, Warpage and Fiber Analysis.  Our services are performed specifically to minimize or eliminate “cut-and-try” start-up costs, produce better quality parts, reduce cycle time, reduce scrap rate and generally create more profit for you and your company.

Filling Analysis

First stage filling. Conditions that occur during the initial flow of material into the cavity.

Packing Analysis

Second stage. Conditions that occur during the entire pack, hold and cool stage of the cycle.

Cooling Analysis

Conditions that are produced during complete cycle based on channel design, flow conditions, water temperature and mold steel conductivity.

Shrinkage and Warpage

The final result of the combined conditions created from filling, packing and cooling.

Fiber Orientation – Short and Long

Identify conditions in Shrink & Warp of a molded part by using various percentage and length of Glass Fiber.

Multi-Component Molding (MCM)

Part Insert, Mold Components, Two Shot and Overmold

Advance Hot Runner

Model the full Hot Runner Manifold including conductive and non-conductive material to identify flow conditions

Gas Assist and Water Assist

Simulate the process of 3D Gas Assist and Water Assist Injection Molding to expand part design Requirements


Show Conditions that are evident during a first shot plastic material and second shot internal plastic material process

Microcellular Injection Molding – MuCell®

The process of using Gas Dissolution and Nucleation to improve the quality of an Injection Molded Part

Optics – Optical Birefringence

The process to identify Fringe Order/Patterns and Flow Induced Residual Stress that may reduce the Optical Properties of Lenses or Produce Failure

Thermoset – Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

Identify condition during a Thermoset cross-linking Curing Process